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Southport Landing (Phase I)

Southport Landing is a new development on Stratford’s waterfront. Facing west, the water front property overlooks Charlottetown’s downtown waterfront. The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation purchased the lands in Phase 1 from landowner Jacob Hiemstra and has completed the severing of lots that can be developed. The development of the Southport Landing waterfront is an excellent example of a multi-group approach where three entities have brought their interests and abilities together to create a vision that works for all parties.

The Town of Stratford contributed to infrastructure upgrades that create a village setting, with such amenities as wider sidewalks and historic theme lighting. Approximately 10% of the land in Phase 1 has been set aside for public green space which borders the entire waterfront of the parcel. The development plan for Phase 1 follows very closely the vision that was set out by a plan the Town had commissioned and developed as part of their core area development. Phase 1 will see 75% of the property developed into higher density residential use such as condos, apartments and townhouses, with the remaining 25% becoming mixed use commercial.