The Eastern Gateway Waterfront Master Plan represents a tremendous opportunity and challenge for the City of Charlottetown. If all of the partners involved in the implementation of this Plan take full advantage of the projects, ideas and concepts put forward through this planning exercise, the result will be a stronger, more vibrant and beautiful Eastern Gateway.

In 2010, the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation and its funding partners commissioned the development of this Plan. The implementation of the Plan will require the support and participation of many stakeholders. This document provides a common vision for those many partners to work towards and describes how the Eastern Gateway should grow and change over the next 25-40 years.

The Eastern Gateway Waterfront Master Plan has the potential to frame dozens of individual decisions that will be made in the gateway over the next decade and beyond. The Plan does not include all the detail required to make the concept a reality, but it will create a framework for more detailed planning in the future; it can guide public decisions about land use and zoning, capital investments and private decisions relative to locating and expanding businesses or institutions.

Finally, the Plan presents an inspiring concept that challenges both the community and the various decision makers involved in Charlottetown’s city-building processes to think differently about this part of their city and see its potential for a remarkable transformation.

Thank you for your interest in the Eastern Gateway Waterfront Master Plan!