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Waterfront Threat Assessment

Charlottetown’s urban waterfront is transforming from its historic origins as a working waterfront of docks, piers, wharves and warehouses to a focal point for mixed-use development and tourism. The waterfront is the focal point for the community: A unique connection between the sea and the land; and between Charlottetown’s maritime heritage and its future as a diverse and multifaceted community. While providing opportunities, living by the sea does have its challenges. Charlottetown is blessed with a natural harbor; but even within this sheltered area, waves, tides and surges can produce a challenging environment and any infrastructure constructed here must be designed to withstand these conditions.

The Waterfront Threat Assessment offers a unique insight into present and future conditions in the Charlottetown Harbour, it is the first comprehensive study of its kind: evaluating winds, waves and extreme water levels along the Charlottetown waterfront under both present-day conditions and under future conditions based on the latest and most reliable climate change scenarios.