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Victoria Park Boardwalk

Victoria Park has been a great asset to the City of Charlottetown since 1873. The area has gone under much change and development over the years including things like ball diamonds, tennis courts, a swimming pool, playground equipment, a skateboard park and a boardwalk along the water. Stretching from one end of the park, at Brighton Road, along the water to West Street, the board walk is 1.2 km long. It was built in the summer of 1994 with a vision of being able to walk the entire length of the city’s water font. Originally the area along the water had a distinct red fence and walking trail where the new boardwalk sits. Upgrades to the seawall were made along with the new boardwalk so walkers now have views of large island sand stone boulders in sections. The Victoria Park Boardwalk is one of the most well used recreational areas in the City and is a great place to take an evening stole. On a busy day there are hundreds of people walking at any point in time. This project cost approximately $200,000 and was completed in partnership with the City of Charlottetown and the Cotton Trust.