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Queen’s Wharf Softscaping

In 2016 the Queen’s Wharf, originally constructed in 1962, located at the foot of Queen Street, was decommissioned as a coast guard facility and ownership of the structure was transferred to the Province of PEI. An MOU was struck between CADC and the Province of PEI to manage the property as a surface parking lot and also to explore the potential redevelopment opportunities. With the parking operation set up and operating, there was a desire to beautify the location and address the sight lines down Queen Street. 

A soft scaping design was created and awarded to local contractor Island Coastal. The total cost of the soft-scaping was approximately $150,000 and was shared between CADC and ACOA. Also part of the design was the relocation of the large red numbers that arrived here in Charlottetown in 2014. The Queen’s Wharf has very quickly become one of the must stop destination here in Charlottetown and has become a favorite photo opportunity for special occasion no mater what time of year it is.