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Heartz O’Halloran Row

Modern Day

Identified as a great starting point for CADC, the Heartz-O’Halloran row is located on Great George Street. This building is made up of three individual brick buildings built on land where Lieutenant-Governor Edmund Fanning’s residence once stood. On September 10, 1960 a fire in the residence of Dr. L.H. Killorn at 82 Great George Street caused significant damage to the build. The residence was gutted and Killorn’s adjoining office at 84 Great George received water damaged from efforts to put out the blaze. In 1976 the Heartz-O’Halloran row was purchased by the Heritage Canada Foundation. CADC, in partnership with the Heritage Foundation worked with a local conservation committee to restore the historic buildings for use as commercial and residential space. It was hoped that such a restoration would both preserve the buildings and promote similar restoration and renovation within the community. Larry Jones was the architect on the project and by May of 1977 the building was nearing completion. The building boasted new heating, plumbing electrical and a sprinkler system. A new slate roof was installed by an Island firm under the direction of the New Brunswick Historic Resource Department. The refurbished building contained four bachelor apartments, four one bedroom apartments, a town house and a mix of office space. The building’s Island sandstone foundation was in good condition and the basement housed a heating plant, laundry area, workshop and storage area. This project had a total cost of just over $600,000 and was shared between the various partners involved. In 1983 the building was sold to a private businessman.