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Great George and Water Street Streetscape

Great George, Queen and Water Street were identified as key connectors between the downtown core and the waterfront for both pedestrians and commercial traffic. In an effort to combat urban decay and to revitalize this area of Charlottetown, CADC was asked to complete a streetscape project on Great George and Water Street. This was a very busy time for this block of Charlottetown as the Heartz O’Halloran building and the 90-100 Water Street buildings During Constructionwere both heavily renovated the previous year. This section of the city was under a major facelift and was setting the stage for private sector investment to begin. The project saw the installation of underground electrical, historic street lighting, new curbing, new sidewalks and fresh asphalt. Great George Street would go on to be declared a heritage Street and to this day is one of the most heavily walked streets in the City. The Street runs from the front of the Province House down to the waterfront. Along this route pedestrians will pass the historic St. Dunstan’s Basilica and the Inns on Great George.