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Confederation Centre of the Arts Courtyard

In 2002 the Confederation Centre of the Arts was in the midst of substantial renovation to both the interior and exterior of the facility. The courtyard beside Mavors restaurant was identified as a project with hopes of transforming it from a display area into a dinning patio for the restaurant. Originally the courtyard was not open to the public to enter and was filled with greenery, three small trees, a copper moose sculpture and another contemporary sculpture. CADC was asked to help with the project and completed the designs and contract drawings. Red Oak Landscaping was hired to complete the work while the Confederation Centre of the Arts financed the project. The Moose was moved to another courtyard, close to the library, the contemporary sculpture was moved out of the courtyard close to the entrance and the three trees are still there. The area is now filled with beautiful unit pavers, several planting beds and a water feature. The courtyard today is one of the best outdoor eating locations in the city and is a great place to gather with friends.