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Stratford Waterfront & Core Area Plan

Developed in 2008, the Stratford water front and core area development plan is an ambition blueprint for development in the Town of Stratford over the next 40 – 50 years. The plan was done by a company from Halifax called Ekistics Planning and Design. The project cost $250,000 and was financed in partnership between ACOA, the Province of PEI and the town of Stratford. This plan was a continuation and built on the work done in the 2002 Stratford Marina plan. Spear headed by the town itself, there was a desire to have a vision of Stratford that they could use to guide economic development. This plan will help the town decide what gets built and where to concentrate attention. The Stratford Water Front and Core Area Development Plan is divided up into various key areas with each area having multiple phases of development. You can see phase 1 of the water front already under construction with the new Southport landing, the CGI building and plans to make changes to the sewage lagoons at the approach to the Hillsborough Bridge.