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Province House Historic District

Province House National Historic Site is more than 171 years old and the Government of Canada is in the midst of a $90+ million restoration and modernization, taking place over a 5 year period. This work is scheduled to be completed in early 2022. With the completion of the project looming, planning has begun around the exterior grounds of the building along with the streets, sidewalks, paths and lands in the immediate area. The project includes Province House, the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Victoria Row and Sydney Street between Queen and Great George.
The Charlottetown Public Library which is currently housed in one of the Confederation Centre of the Arts buildings is also undergoing change. A new library space is being constricted on Queen Street and the facility is due to make the move to its new space in mid 2021. With this move comes opportunity for the Confederation Centre of the Arts. This stakeholder has expressed a desire to renovate its facility and become more engaged with the street and the people, particularly on the corner of Richmond St. and Queen St. A secondary issue that has come to light for the Confed Centre is how the public moves around their grounds and the shipping and garbage area on Grafton St.
Victoria Row, Richmond Street, located in our project area, has become one of the most popular locations in Charlottetown and is home to many restaurants and shops. The growth of this area is significant and there are many stakeholder and competing priorities to consider as it changes over time. Given the success of this street, there is a group of business owners who are pushing for a similar arrangement on Sydney Street between Queen and Great George. Sydney Street has its own list of challenges to becoming pedestrian only during the summer months and all the various issue must be considered and factored in.
This project will be complete in December of 2020 and will be the foundation for projects in the area in the coming years.

Public Design Workshop
Oct 13, 2020 @ 6:30pm
PEI Brewing Company
96 Kensington Rd.

Property Owners Design Workshop
Oct 13, 2020 @3:00pm
PEI Brewing Company
96 Kensington Rd.