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Kay’s Building

The Kays Brothers building was originally built in 1872 by Lemuel Owen and William Welsh. This large four-story structure has decorative brickwork, round-arched windows and a row of three storefronts with large windows. Over this buildings life it was home to many businesses such as newspapers, telegraph offices, a commercial college and a Chamber of Commerce. The building also suffered three fires which damaged the interior and left the exterior intact. The building was purchased in 2009 by CADC to ensure that it would see restoration at some point and not be demolished. CADC completed environmental and structure testing on the building along with testing on the brick exterior. It was determined that the building was still structurally sound and ready for restoration. The building remained on the market for three years and had some interest from several buyers. The building was sold to local property development company APM in the summer of 2012 and restoration is currently underway.