Historic Timeline

Over a span of 35 years CADC has played a vital role in the development and beautification of the City of Charlottetown. CADC has completed projects that range from street side beautification to the construction of a large multi-use residential and commercial complex on the Charlottetown waterfront. The projects CADC has undertaken over the past 35 years have had a substantial impact on the urban appeal of the Greater Charlottetown area.


Cruise Terminal Softscape

In the summer of 2015, the Charlottetown Harbour Authority undertook a project to redevelop their curise terminal to make if more functional, efficient and pedestrian friendly.

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Province House Historic District

Province House National Historic Site is more than 171 years old and the Government of Canada is in the midst of a $90+ million restoration and modernization, taking place over...

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Victoria Park Boardwalk Redevelopment

The Victoria Park Boardwalk Redevelopment project proposed to replace the 20 year old Victoria Park Boardwalk that stretches 1.25km along the water’s edge. The aging infrastructure sees substantial use by the general public and visitors alike and was beginning to show its age.

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Waterfront Threat Assessment

Charlottetown's urban waterfront is transforming from its historic origins as a working waterfront of docks, piers, wharves and warehouses to a focal point for mixed-use development and tourism.

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Invesco Expansion 2014

The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation is constructing an expansion to the existing Invesco Building located at 119 Euston Street in Charlottetown.

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Historic Hillsborough River Commons

The Historic Hillsborough River Commons is a 2014 legacy project. This development was made possible with the partnership of the City of Charlottetown, the Department of Canadian Heritage, PEI 2014 Inc., Downtown ......

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Great George Heritage Walk

The Great George Heritage Walk is a 2014 legacy project. This development was spear headed by the project champion Kevin Murphy. Partnering on the project are PEI 2014 Inc., the City of Charlottetown, Kevin Murphy and CADC.

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Charlottetown Festival & Events Centre (Phase II)

The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation in partnership with the Province of Prince Edward Island and the Government of Canada, through the build Canada fund, have designed, constructed and will operate a permanent venue site....

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Charlottetown Festival & Events Centre (Phase I)

The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation in partnership with the Province of Prince Edward Island and the Government of Canada, through the build Canada fund, have designed, constructed and will operate a permanent concert venue site and parking facility capable of hosting a variety of outdoor festivals and events.

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PEI Convention Centre

The Prince Edward Island Convention Centre project is the product of an industry-lead process to expand Prince Edward Island’s capacity to host meetings and conventions. The meetings and conventions sector has.....

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Southport Landing (Phase I)

Southport Landing is a new development on Stratford's waterfront. Facing west, the water front property overlooks Charlottetown's downtown waterfront. The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation has purchased the.....

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The Eastern Gateway Study

The Eastern Gateway Waterfront Master Plan represents a tremendous opportunity and challenge for the City of Charlottetown. If all of the partners involved in the implementation of

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Bio Commons Business Accelerator Centre

The PEI Bio Commons project was born from the Robert Ghiz Liberal Government’s Island Prosperity Strategy. This strategy focused on 4 sectors of growth heading into the future, 1) Renewable Energy 2) Bio Science 3) IT 4) Aero Space. The BioCommons Research Park will.....

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Kay’s Building

The Kays Brothers building was originally built in 1872 by Lemuel Owen and William Welsh. This large four-story structure has decorative brickwork, round-arched windows and a row of three storefronts with large windows. Over this buildings life it…..

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Way Finding Project

The Way Finding Project was spear headed by Tourism Charlottetown Inc. The project brought together many organizations in Charlottetown such as ACOA, the Charlottetown Harbour Authority, the City of Charlottetown, Downtown Charlottetown Inc., CADC and the Province of PEI. The purpose of this project was to....

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Stratford Waterfront & Core Area Plan

Developed in 2008, the Stratford water front and core area development plan is an ambition blueprint for development in the Town of Stratford over the next 40 – 50 years. The plan was done by a company from Halifax called…..

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Invesco Building

The Invesco building is a 45,000 square foot, three story building located on Euston Street in Charlottetown. The building was constructed to meet the needs of financial services company Invesco. Invesco is a technologically savvy company that…..

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CGI Building

The CGI building is the first construction project CADC undertook on the Stratford waterfront. This 30,000 square foot, two story building was constructed to service the needs of CGI. CGI is a global applications/IT support company that…..

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Sydney Street Streetscape

This project was done jointly between CADC, the City of Charlottetown and the local businesses on Sydney Street. The goal of the streetscape was to move the large transmission lines underground and beautify the street. Work completed on the project included…..

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Colonel Gray High School Soccer Field

In 2006 the City of Charlottetown asked CADC to get involved and help out with the redevelopment of one of Colonel Gray High School’s soccer fields. There was a need for the field to be enlarged so it could….

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Stratford Business Park

Developed in 2005, the Stratford Business Park is development with a focus on establishing a high quality venue for technology related firms. It is located off the Trans-Canada Highway in the rapidly developing Town of Stratford. The business park is….

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Queen Street Streetscape

The streetscape on Queen Street is an extension to the streetscape developed on Victoria Row in 1998. Along with the beautiful brick pavers, all overhead...

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Abe Zakem House

Abe Zakem House is a 22 unit rental complex located in downtown Charlottetown. It was completed on schedule in late 2004 at the budgeted construction cost of $1.5 million. The facility has 16 one-bedroom and 6 two-bedroom apartments and serves low income families. The building is built on …..

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HMCS Queen Charlotte Armories Boardwalk

The HMCS Queen Charlotte Armories boardwalk runs from the corner of Weymouth and Water Street, behind the Armories......

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Stratford Marina Concept

In 2002 CADC was asked on the behalf of the Town of Stratford to undertake a study on the potential of a marina on the Stratford waterfront. With its partners on the project, ACOA and the Town of Stratford, CADC engaged…..

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Confederation Centre of the Arts Courtyard

In 2002 the Confederation Centre of the Arts was in the midst of substantial renovation to both the interior and exterior. The courtyard beside Mavors restaurant was identified as a project with hopes of turning it from a display area into a dinning patio for….

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Stratford Pathway

The Stratford Pathway was to be a pedestrian walkway that would connect Cotton Park, along the water, to Harbourview Drive. The idea for the pathway was born from the desire to increase healthy living among Stratford residents and to bring residents to the….

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Fitzroy Parkade

Built in 2001, the Fitzroy Parkade is the newest parking facility in Charlottetown. The largest parking garage in the city, the Fitzroy Parkade was constructed entirely of precast concrete segments which were trucked in and assembled on site. The parking garage sits on…..

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Rail Yard Parking Lot

The Rail Yard Parking Lot is constructed on the former CN rail car shuffling yard. The area was once full of rail lines and busy with locomotives and rail cars. This parking lot was part of the site development for the Founders Hall project and was ….

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CN Car Shop / Founders Hall

Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC) completed the total restoration and refurbishing of the former CN Car Shop on July 1, 2001. This historic building is from the railway era and was built in 1906. The brick exterior shell and …..

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Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial City Park

The Joe Ghiz Memorial City Park, dubbed the “Diamond in the Rough” was completed in September 2001. The project is a fantastic example of what a dedicated volunteer group can accomplish.

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Transport Canada Boardwalk

This small section of boardwalk was developed in an effort to further the waterfront walk way. Although short in length, this section allowed pedestrians to travel from Confederation Landing Park to ….

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Victoria Row

Victoria Row is one of the best gems in the City of Charlottetown. Not only is the area full of restaurants, cafes and galleries but the....

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CN Station Renovation

Completed in the fall of 1996, renovations to the former CN passenger station were originally completed so the guardian newspaper could move into the space under a long-term lease. The...

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Province House Grounds

This project was undertaken in an effort to rejuvenate the exterior of Province House and to make changes to reflect the historic setting. The work was completed by CADC, in co-operation with Parks Canada and ….

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CN Brass Shop

The CN Brass Shop was originally constructed in 1876 and is amongst the oldest buildings in Charlottetown. This project was completed during a ....

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Confederation Landing Park & Peakes Parking Lot

Completed in the summer of 1995 the Confederation Landing Park is now a jewel on the Charlottetown waterfront. The park is 6 acres and cost $1.7 million....

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Victoria Park Boardwalk

Victoria Park has been a great asset to the City of Charlottetown since 1873. The area has gone under much change and development over the years including things like ball diamonds, tennis courts, a swimming...

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Peakes Wharf and Marina

Developed jointly by CADC, Public Works Canada and ACOA, the Peak’s Wharf and Marina project is a key piece of Charlottetown’s tourism infrastructure. Located on the former Public Works Canada wharf, at the foot of Great George Street, the restoration project was just over $1 million to complete. The old…Read More

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Queen Charlotte Armories and Sacred Heart Home Boardwalk

Completed over two years, the Queen Charlotte Armories and Sacred Heart Home Boardwalks were the first boardwalks to be completed in the City of Charlottetown. Phase I of the project included some much needed repairs to the steel sea wall that runs along ….

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Routes for Nature and Health / Rails to Trails

Following the CN rail line abandonment in 1989, the City of Charlottetown and the Province of PEI recognized the opportunity that lay before them. CADC purchased all the abandoned rail corridors within the city and began planning …..

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Pownal Parkade

Built in 1986 on the site of a former Irving Oil Gas Station and parking lot, the Pownal Parkade was the second parking garage to be constructed in the City of Charlottetown at a cost of $3.5 million. Opened on July 15th 1988....

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Confederation Court Mall

Planning for the Confederation Court Mall began as far back as 1974, when the Stevenson Kellogg report strongly recommended that major infrastructure be established because the city was deteriorating and decay

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Queen Parkade

Opened on June 15th, 1979 the Queen Parkade was the first above ground parking garage constructed in Charlottetown. Built as part of the down town revitalization initiative the Queen Parkade added 338 parking spaces....

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Harbourside Complex

Harbourside Complex is one of CADC’s most successful endeavors. Located on the Charlottetown waterfront, Harbourside is a unique blend of residential and commercial properties....

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Great George and Water Street Streetscape

Great George, Queen and Water Street were identified as key connectors between the downtown core and the waterfront for both pedestrians and commercial traffic. In an effort to combat urban decay and to revitalize this area of Charlottetown, CADC decided to complete a streetscape project on …..

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90, 94, 98, & 100 Water Street

During Renovation

Located in a key area of restoration, 90 – 100 Water Street is a string of historic buildings built in the late 1850’s after fire destroyed the block. These buildings were identified as projects because they site along a key connector street for pedestrians and vehicle traffic …..

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Heartz O’Halloran Row

Modern Day

Identified as a great starting point for CADC, the Heartz-O’Halloran row is located on Great George Street. This building is made up of three individual brick buildings built on land...

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