Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC) has a ten member Board of Directors and two working committees. The board members are appointed by the shareholders of the corporation, 7 from the Province of PEI, 2 from the City of Charlottetown and 1 from the Town of Stratford. As of Aug 2016 the board of directors includes the following individuals:

Board of Directors

David McInnis Chair
Wally MacDonald Vice-Chair
Jennifer Dunn Secretary-Treasurer
Reagh Ellis Director
Terry McKenna Director
Martha Ellis Director
Terry Hennesey Director
Brendon McCloskey Director
Andrew Davies Director
Albert Fogarty Director
Ron Waite Staff
Wade Arsenault Staff

Finance Committee

The CADC also has a Finance Committee consisting of the following individuals:

Jennifer Dunn Chair
David McInnis
Terry Hennessey
Brendon McCloskey
Andrew Davies
Albert Fogarty
Ron Waite Staff
George Brammer Staff
Wade Arsenault Staff

Development Committee

Additionally, the CADC has a Development Committee consisting of the following individuals:

Wally MacDonald Chair
David McInnis
Martha Ellis
Reagh Ellis
Terry McKenna
Ron Waite  Staff
Aaron Hansen  Staff
Wade Arsenault  Staff
Ron Atkinson  Ex-officio